Kai cenat - banned, passed out, edibles

The Twitch star Kai Cenat has been banned after eating edibles and passing out on his livestream. It is unclear how long the ban will last, and the exact reason for its enactment, but it is likely related to his most recent stream. Kai Cenat was Twitch's most-subbed broadcaster in 2022. 

Fans are critical of Twitch's decision, as many other content creators have filmed themselves drinking alcohol and doing drugs on stream. There are even channels dedicated to growing weed. It is speculated, however, that this particular ban is related to Cenat's extreme reaction to the edibles. Twitch's community guidelines do not allow “dangerous consumption of alcohol or other substances that lead to being incapacitated.” It is also speculated that the ban could be a result of marijuana's legality at his streaming location. 

No matter the reason, Cenat's 3.7 million followers are critical of the ban, especially considering Twitch's reputation of more harshly enforcing guidelines on streamers of color. While Cenat remains slumped for a period of time, it also appears that he does not completely pass out, and pops up to continue with the stream after a few seconds. 

Cenat only had this to say in response to the ban, lamenting its impact on his upcoming sub-athon. While the ban will likely force him to reschedule, it is unlikely to be a permanent one.