halo 4 video game

343 Industries is getting ready to complete their Halo: Master Chief Collection for the PC by adding Halo 4, and anyone will soon be able to test play the game and offer feedback.

The date when Halo 4 beta testing on PC will open hasn't been announced but it will be sometime this month. If you sign up to be a free Halo Insider, you'll have a chance to play the game early on your computer.

halo 4 video game

The developers refer to these beta tests as "flighting," and each "flight" of Halo 4 will serve a different function, such as to work out certain mechanics they may have updated or get feedback on specific areas.

Halo Insiders who have been active for longer and worked their way up to Ring 1 or Ring 2 status will have access to the Halo 4 flight first, followed shortly by all other Halo Insiders.

So as long as you get a Halo Insider account, you should have a chance to beta test this bad boy.

halo 4 video game

Some features that will be open to testing are campaign missions, Spartan ops, Forge Mode, and cross-platform multiplayer with XBox users.

The usual game modes that you’ve come to love in the multiplayer realm are all available for testing as well (Team Death Match, Free for All and Infection).

halo 4 video game

Testers will be able to have a go at the FOV and HUD anchoring, while also looking at configurable mouse and keyboard controls. 

So if you’ve ever wanted a hand in improving any game, let alone Halo 4, here’s your chance. Don't let Master Chief down.

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