Stray Garfield Mod

BlueWave Studio’s new game Stray has been a smash hit, and players all over the world have had a blast exploring a new cyberpunk world as a handsome orange tabby cat. People’s cats loved it too, and videos from around the world came poring in of feline companions watching their owners play the game. The only thing that could make this whole experience better is… getting to play as your own cat?



It has not taken modders long to put their paw marks on the game, and new playable cat types are being added left and right. Of course, everyone’s favorite comic strip orange chunkster Garfield was one of the first mod cats added, but as more and more cats are finding their way into the game, people are able to play as cats that much more closely resemble their own. Modders are even taking requests to add people’s own cats into the game.

Stray Garfield Mod


Stray Personal Cats

Stray Cat Mods

Even for the modding community, that’s dedication. I guess we’ll do anything for our cats.