20 Memes For Gamers Who Always Say GG

The game is winding down, with the score 3 to 3. You are carrying your bum teammates with two of the goals and three saves to go along with them, along with more centers than you can count. If you win this game it will be because of you and in spite of them, no matter how much "good positioning" they claim. Still, no matter what the outcome of the game you will be a good sportsman.

To make matters worse the opposing team is relentless with their "nice passes" and "what a save" messages. They are talking the worst kind of trash there is, and losing simply isn't an option at this point. That is until your worst teammate lays the ball right in front of your own net and they win the game. Oh well. You won't stoop to their level. GG. Now time to look at some gaming memes to blow off the real life steam.
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