20 Memes for Gamers Who Come in Clutch

The pressure is on. Your incompetent team are all down like they always are, and despite your best efforts to revive them, they're gone for good. Of course the other team has all four players active, so it's time to do what you do best: come in clutch for the boys and carry the team to the dub.

First it's sniper time to catch them by surprise. You set up your shot from just behind a hill, sure not to miss or else they'll be alerted. Bang! Direct hit. Three players to go. You rush flank, hoping they don't see where the shot came from, switching to the SMG. Caught from behind two more go quickly, but the third darts behind cover. It's a 1 v 1 now. A quick grenade flushes him out, and bang. GG. 4 V 1 is easy work. You came in clutch for the team as always. Time to celebrate by looking at some gaming memes.
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