25 Memes For Gamers Who Need A Power Up

So, you need a power-up. It's ok, we all need a power-up from time to time. It happens to the best of us. You know how it is. Despite your best efforts your health bar is dwindling, and you just took an absolutely nasty combo from your opponent, who you know with every fiber of your being is actually a whack n00b, and the only reason they are beating you is sheer luck, and if you loose you are going to have to listen to trash talk forever, and they won't even rematch you since they know they could never beat you again.

But in the meantime you really do need that boost. Unfortunately you already used all of your boosts in game, and there aren't any coming up again soon. You really are in a tough place. Perhaps it will be better to quit out of this one, and claim your wifi crashed. That way he doesn't get to gloat about beating you. And you can relax and look at some fresh gaming memes, instead of getting your butt beat again.
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