23 Pics And Memes That Won't Crash Your Gaming Hardware

So, you want to play some of the latest titles. That's awesome! There are some fantastic new games out there. Elden Ring is taking the gaming world by storm, and perhaps you feel like hopping on some shooting options like the latest Battlefields and CODS. They would all surely be a great time, except for one small issue. That computer of yours was made for running Internet Explorer, and Half Life. Yeah the original one. So despite the fact that your credit card works well enough to buy Cyberpunk, your hardware isn't, and you'll be left staring at a blank screen.

That's why you should go ahed and check out some gaming memes. They're sure to put you in the headspace of gaming even when you can't play, and these images aren't big enough to crash your computer. So save up for a new system, and in the meantime enjoy these quality gaming memes.
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