20 Assassin's Creed Memes to Help You Reach 100% Sync

So, you've just about to reach the top of the tower. It's been a long climb, using ledges, window frames, railings, and even gargoyles as your jungle gym to scale the side of this impressive tower. The feeling of freedom once you reach the top will be liberating, and you imagine the camera doing its little twirl before you hear the eagle's cry, sync and jump off the top, majestically sailing down into a nice bail of hay the farmers are nice enough to randomly leave around town conveniently right underneath all the highest points of the city.

That's it, just one more little jump... and crap! You slipped! The hours of practice you've had climbing things through multiple Assassin's Creed games can't make up for the fact that you have clumsy fat Cheeto fingers with no dexterity. You fall shamefully to your death, no hay bales available this time. At least you now have the time to check out some cool gaming memes.
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