PC Gamers Lose It after $700 Graphics Card Resells on eBay for $50k

It's true what they say: the bigger your graphics card, the bigger your desire is to have a really massive wiener.

Which is why so many PC gamers are having a really horrible day today not being able to buy the coveted Nvidia 3080 graphics card after it sold out everywhere in mere seconds.

The card, normally $700, was bought up instantly, mostly by people using bots to click the purchase button before mortals had a chance to get the things in their carts.

The cards are now selling for thousands of dollars on eBay, with some listings going as high as $50,000.

The Nvidia 3080's main attraction is its 10GB of VRAM, a feature that any computer game would struggle to even use fully. But this is what the future of gaming, and not only PC gaming, looks like: scalpers inflating prices on already expensive products that won't necessarily make you any happier.

Thankfully I still have my trusty wooden cup and ball toy. This year I might finally get up to level 60 on it.
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