"The Last of Us Part II" Apparently Sucks and Fans Let It Be Known with Memes

The Last of Us Part II was one game people were really looking forward to this year. That is until today when it was finally released and people realized it's actually a huge stinking pile of doo-doo.

Despite warnings from leakers earlier in the year that said the game wouldn't actually live up to the hype predicated by the first The Last of Us, most gamers thought the sequel would still be a rewarding addition.

However, certain parts of the storyline, as well as character developments (that we won't spoil here) really ticked people off, and apparently the lackluster mechanics don't bring anything else to the table to make the game more likable.

While early reviews gave the game 10/10 ratings, the average user rating right now is 3.4/10, a pitiful score by any means. It's also worth mentioning that the negative feedback has nothing to do with the game's inclusion of a transgender character, and everything to do with its disappointing story.

Hopefully you didn't waste your money on this garbage, and if you did, you should be entitled to a full refund. Click here to send us your credit card info and we'll get everything in order.
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