20 Times Things Got Unhinged in the Xbox Chat

The gaming chat room can be quite a hectic place. It is where people go both to vent their frustrations, and gloat over victories. There is trash talk galore without a referee or a filter, and there is rage without a proper manner with which to disperse it. Typically someone who won and is gloating is talking to someone who lost and is raging, and there can therefore be no possible way for harmony to be achieved between the parties. There is no risk for any form of real consequences either way, so why should they even make an attempt to communicate reasonably?

That being said, there are some of us who at least make an attempt to be civil, something that the rest of the community unfortunately does not appreciate at all. But when we get those aggressive messages, at least we can take the time to formulate an appropriate... or perhaps well less than appropriate, (when appropriate), response.
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