Squirrel With a Gun Game Looks Like GTA Meets Animal Crossing

In a game quite literally titled, "Squirrel With a Gun," lone developer Dan DeEntremont is making a game that looks like it is exactly what it sounds like. In a quick gameplay clip posted to Twitter, this squirrel scampers up to a person, robs them at gunpoint, chases them, shoots them, and celebrates with their phone. A slogan for the game reads, "Squirrel with a gun! What crimes will it commit?"

While the idea of an outlaw squirrel running around in a life of crime sounds silly on its own, and Stray has definitely started a trend with animal protagonists in games, I can't help but feel like this game champions senseless violence. At the very minimum a game like GTA is a satire of the American obsession with excess, and has many other activities that do not involve shooting defenseless people for the fun of it.

So while the graphics and squirrel modeling look great for an indie game title, I can't help but feel like this game could be tone deaf to the era of gun violence we find ourselves in, and the very real negative impact it has had on so many lives.
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