This Kermit Spider-Man Mod is the Pinnacle of Gaming

This Kermit the Frog Spider-Man mod looks like about as much fun as you can have while playing a video game. The mod created by @TangoTeds takes everyone's favorite green frog muppet, and places him as the protagonist in 'Marvel's Spider-Man: Remastered' on the PC. This game has already seen plenty of mods when it comes to swapping out Spider-Man with wacky new playable options, but the grace with which Kermit the Frog swings through the sky scrapers of New York definitely puts this mod at the top of any list.

Not only is this an incredibly well made mod, but IGN decided to complete the sense of muppet immersion by adding Kermit's voice to a few clips. Other gameplay footage shows Kermit absolutely murking the scum and villainy of the Big Apple, and the combat gameplay could not be more satisfying. A Muppets Marvel crossover is not one we knew we needed, but it is everything that's right with the gaming community, and as much fun as you can have on a game.

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