call of duty black ops cold war warzone

The hype for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is real. When it releases next Friday, November 13th, the game will take players back to the action-packed era of the Cold War.

One of the bigger stories from the announcement of Black Ops Cold War is that it will continue to support Call of Duty: Warzone. That was all anybody knew for a while.

Now there's news updates to share about exactly how the transition of Warzone from Modern Warfare to Black Ops Cold War will work.

Warzone Is Not Shifting Engines

there will not be an engine shift for call of duty warzone

First and foremost, Warzone is staying on its current Modern Warfare engine.

Black Ops Cold War is on a completely different engine than MW. This was confirmed on a forum called ResetEra, where a verified member who seems to work at Activision confirmed the rumor.

How Will This Work for Black Ops Cold War Players?

call of duty black ops cold war warzone

Think of Halo's Master Chief Collection. It has six games in one, but each game runs on its respective engine. Warzone and Black Ops Cold War will work exactly like that.

The Infinity Ward engine was made to handle the scale of Warzone. The Treyarch engine that Black Ops Cold War was built on, was not.

The biggest differences will be seen in graphics, movement, and gun play.

call of duty black ops cold war gun

This shouldn’t be too big of an issue for players who move from Infinity Ward to Treyarch and back year after year. But for those who may be jumping back into COD for the first time in a while, this could be a huge deal.

When joining Warzone from Modern Warfare, it’s the equivalent to playing a different mode. In Black Ops Cold War, it will be a completely different game. It will be less cartoony and there will be mechanics and features not found in the Black Ops Cold War multiplayer.

Warzone, Modern Warfare, and Black Ops Cold War Integration

The first season of Black Ops Cold War will begin in December. That includes the first official Black Ops Cold War Warzone season. When this happens, anyone playing Warzone can access weapons from either game within the battle royale.

On November 12th, players will be able to start using their Black Ops Cold War Operators in Warzone.

This cross-game integration is only for Warzone. MW and BOCW Operators and weapons can’t be used in the regular multiplayer mode of each game.

It’s exciting for sure. Let’s just hope adding Treyarch to the mix doesn’t turn Warzone into another failed Blackout mode.

Keeping Infinity Ward involved might be the best thing for Warzone at this point.