call of duty black ops cold war nuketown easter egg

Another Call of Duty: Black Ops game, another iteration of Nuketown. This version of the map is titled Nuketown '84, signifying the year the map is based in.

This one has a really fun Easter egg hidden inside that adds a crazy retro filter to your screen. It feels pretty satisfying to unlock and luckily it's really easy to pull off.

Here's the simple guide to unlocking the retro Easter egg in Nuketown '84 in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War.

First you have to open up Zombies mode and choose Zombies Onslaught. From there you should see Nuketown '84 as a map option. Choose that.

Once you have the map open, go around and find every single mannequin. Some of them are outside but most are in one single house on the ground and second floors. There will be about five mannequins in total.

call of duty black ops cold war nuketown easter egg

When you approach each one, shoot at their heads until the heads pop off. After you've shot off all the mannequin heads, the visual filter will suddenly appear over your screen, giving you either a cool neon blue or pixelated green look.

You can complete this Easter egg in a public or private lobby and it can be done alone or with other players.

call of duty black ops cold war nuketown easter egg

Most players get the blue filter when they pull off this Easter egg. Some have said that you need to shoot off both the arms and the heads of mannequins to get the green filter, but right now no one knows exactly how to get that one.

Maybe you just have to feel lucky.