among us hide and seek video game

While some bay still wonder why Fall Guys basically died at the hands of Among Us, one reason has been Among Us's flexibility and creativity.

The best addition to the game has been a DIY hide and seek mode that people have been setting up.

If you want to keep things interesting on your broken spaceship, here's how to play hide and seek in Among Us.

You don't have to download anything to play hide and seek in Among Us, it's just about messing with the settings. And there are a ton of settings that can be altered in the lobby.

You can add to the number of tasks, shorten vision distance, and even let Impostors go on rampage with no kill cool down. Here's how to use these settings to create a custom hide and seek game mode.

Among Us: Hide and Seek Settings

hide and seek among us video game

The host of the lobby will have access to the custom settings. They can be found on the customization laptop in the waiting room.

For a game of Hide and Seek, the point is to make it hard for the Impostor. So change the settings to allow for one Impostor in the game, give them hampered vision, and only allow one Emergency Meeting.

hide and seek among us video game

You can also adjust the kill cool down, kill distance, number of tasks, and player speed, as such:

Player Speed: 1.5x - 3x

Crewmate Vision: 2x - 5x

Impostor Vision: 0.25x

Kill Cool Down: 15s

Kill Distance: Short

Tasks: 9 total

Some of the options can be altered depending on the consensus of the players. Or just say screw ‘em and change it to whatever you want if you’re the host.

How to play Hide and Seek

First and foremost, this should only be played with a group of trusted friends. If a random joins the lobby, everything will turn to crap. They won’t play along and they’ll ruin everything.

At the start of the game, use the Emergency Meeting and ask the Impostor to reveal their identity. Skip the vote so the game can continue.

Just like real hide and seek, the Impostor should close their eyes and count to 15 to let the Crewmates run around and find hiding spots. Then it's time for “ready or not here I come.”

The Crewmates should attempt to finish their tasks while staying hidden from the Impostor, while the Impostor tries to find and kill them all before time runs out.

For Crewmates to win, they have to complete all the tasks. For the Impostor to win, he or she has to kill everyone.

Tips & Tricks

hide and seek among us video game

Here's all the best hiding spots for hide and seek in Among Us:

The Skeld

— Behind the floating box in Storage

— Behind the chair in Communications

— Behind the top part of the Reactor (works best as White color)

Mira HQ

— Behind the satellite dish in the Balcony

— Behind the bookshelf in storage


— Behind rock below the Laboratory

— Behind the long satellite dish in Communications

— Behind the cannons outside Weapons

The other sneaky thing you can do to increase your stealth is to enter a blank name as your player name. Doing this will mean you won't have a string of bright letters following you around on screen, making you just a smidge harder to find.

To do this, copy and paste this special blank Unicode character into your name bar, then get ready to humiliate your online friends.