Pokimane Talks about How a Gaming Industry Higher-up Was Using Her Photos to Manipulate Young Women

The prominent Twitch streamer Pokimane has come forward about an industry higher up who pretended to have a sexual relationship with her in order to solicit pictures and favors from women in her community. While Pokimane has not named the offender to protect his victims, he has been fired from his position following an investigation.

This industry higher-up was somebody that Pokimane had been in contact with in the past, but only for work-related reasons. She says he was somebody she trusted before his victims came out to her and her manager. He would allegedly message Pokimane's fans and other women in the industry, claiming to be in a sexual relationship with her, before pretending to be suicidal to court their sympathy. He would then send doctored photos of conversations and sexual images as proof of their relationship. Due to his position, he was also able to access sensitive information about her to make it seem as if he knew her closely. Using the threat of suicide, he would draw his victims in before pivoting to asking them for photos or favors. It is believed, but not confirmed, that he is a former Twitch staffer.

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