‘That’s a Great Conversion Rate’: 2.7% of All Kick Viewers Eventually Go To Stake

The popular streamer xQc recently signed a monstrous $100 million non-exclusive streaming deal with Kick. Shortly after, he got in trouble for streaming both The Dark Night, and full episodes of Breaking Bad. Now, he is sharing data about the overlap between Kick's audience, and its crypto-gamling parent site Stake. 

Kick has come under fire for its close relationship with gambling, including from the popular streamer Pokimane. According to xQc's data, there is a 2.7% audience overlap between Kick and Stake. 

"2.7% is a lot," @66L commented, and it's likely a number Stake wants to increase. 

"Kick has only a 2.7% conversion rate from stream viewers into gambling addicts," the Twitter account @OS2NOX claimed. Of course, most of the 2.7% of audience overlap are likely not gambling addicts. But according to Yale Medicine, about 1% of the national population are gambling addicts, and any number significantly higher among Kick users would be problematic. Especially considering that many streamers have very young audiences. 

"Anything between 2% and 5% is a good website conversion rate," @mistahwoodhouse commented." This isn’t the defense he thinks it is."

Ultimately this data is not enough to make any concrete conclusions about addiction. But it is enough to show that there is a concrete connection between Kick, and gambling. Maybe we should just let xQc stream Batman.

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